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Some products to help along the way

For the home:

Wool Dryer Balls

In place of dryer sheets & fabric softeners 


Use code DOGGYBAGS for a discount on your purchase. 

Clothes Drying Rack 

Pennsylvania Woodworks

Dryers are the major contributor to emissions in the laundry process, Using the dryer wastes energy and ruins fabrics. Retire the dryer and hang your clothes, it will be dry in no time! Dryers often use 5 to 10 times more energy than the washing machine. 

Garbage Bags & other disposable bags

Garden Pro
- Compostable and Biodegradable Garbage Bags


Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Compostable Grocery - Perfect for storing compost in your


Compostable Food Storage Bags

Use code DOGGYBAGS for 20% off of all products.

Lomi Composters

Composts kitchen scraps right on your countertop

Mantis Composters

For composting all of your food scraps and organic waste. 

Le Parfait

Reusable glass jars for storing bulk foods.


Simply Straws

Personal care:

PlimThese reusable pads are made in France of beautiful fabrics, making them even more fun and easy to use. 

Order via link above to receive a 10 Euros off of your order via their parreine (godmother) program (valid on purchases of 60 Euros or more).

Dental Lace -  Refillable, biodegradable & toxin free 

Use code DOGGYBAGS for 10% off all Dental Lace floss!

Unpaste - Tooth tabs instead of paste, plastic free!

Hand Soap Pump

Blueland - Concentrated tablet refills for your soap pump container.

For your outings:


Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Use code DOGGYBAGS for 20% off of all orders. 

Bring your Doggybags (organic cotton reusable produce/bulk bags) to the grocery store and shop the PRODUCE SECTION and BULK BINS without using plastic! 

These are our very own product! All proceeds go directly to fund environmental & animal awareness/welfare projects on St. Thomas and New York City.  View our Instagram to see some of our work.

On Your School's Campus:

Vending Machines & Coolers -  speak to your school's food and beverage coordinators to take action to convert all beverages sold on campus to  aluminum cans only.   Read here to arm yourself with the facts about why it is important, and urgent to have this conversion.  Let's all work together to End the Plastic Vend. 

Encourage your institution to make a commitment to address plastic pollution.  Follow the lead of SUNY ESF, who was the first New York State college to sign the #breakfreefromplastic campus pledge, committing to develop a roadmap to a plastic-free campus by 2025. 
Read here about how SUNY has accomplished this and be inspired! 

Partnering with local organizations -   Doing a toiletries drive for the homeless?    Great initiatives such as this CAN be pollution free.  Request donations of eco-friendly items only. Speak up in your community by suggesting this if it's not already in place.  Click here for sample list of donation items. 

For Your Business:

Elevate Packaging Compostable Packaging - cellophane bags, labels, pouches, supplies, etc. 

ECOENCLOSE Eco-friendly packaging and shipping supplies

Aluminum and Compostable take out trays.  If your local restaurants are not using, gently encourage them to. 

Aluminum is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. On a percentage basis, it is the most recycled of any industrial metal. Of the more than 1 billion tons of aluminum ever produced, roughly 75% of the versatile and lightweight metal is still in use today thanks to recycling.

Source: Matalco

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