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Our Current & Completed Environmental - Animal Welfare Projects

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Compostable Dog Waste Bags

Monthly donation of 1750 bags

In 2021 we donated 3 on-site dog waste dispensers, and in 2022 3 more for the newly opened Paws to Play Dog Park!  Since they were installed , Globally Clean® has been donating the refills, which currently amount to 1750 bags each month.   

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Volgistics at the Shelter

Monthly donation of volunteer management program

This volunteer management software was implemented at the shelter from scratch by our founder.  There are currently over 800 volunteers in the database.  Communication between the shelter and volunteer community, and organization of volunteer efforts is greatly improved thanks to Volgistics.  The software enables the shelter advertise needs, thereby tapping into the most volunteer hours, and streamlining them to enhance the shelter residents welfare!  Volunteers also benefit by being able to track and get credit for their service, earn merit awards, and more!  The monthly ongoing cost of Volgistics is donated by Globally Clean®. 

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Harness Leads for all! 

Donation of 76 leads via a giveaway for all shelter staff, + volunteers with 50+ hours!

Thanks to your support, we were thrilled to be able to donate these no pull, no escape leads that make for a better walking experience for the dogs and walkers alike.  In addition we donated an ID tag for each one, to make for a more personalized experience, and the hope that they will last longer and the shelter will be more organized = more energy and time for animal care! No more pulling on doggies' necks.  Harness Leads for all!

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Waterproof pillow protectors for the Humane Society
Cat Center renovation

Donation of 40 pillow encasements 

These new waterproof zippered pillow encasements will ensure years of longevity and massively reduced cleaning time for our shelter staff.  We are so excited about the wonderful new quality of life item for our shelter residents! 

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Volunteer T-Shirt Program

Donation of 150 t-shirts and counting... awarded to volunteers once they achieve 20 hours of service at the shelter.

Thanks to your support, we are thrilled to be able to donate these t-shirts, which help to motivate new volunteers to qualify for a free one!

The shirts create a a united visual for our volunteer team when attending events, while serving in day-to-day dogwalking, cat care and volunteering on the Humane Society of St. Thomas' campus, and in the field!

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