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What we will need from you:

1. To identify and give us the name(s) and website(s) of the shelter(s) this is for.  Contact name(s) and phone number(s) at the shelter(s).

2.  List of 7 animals that live in your community that you would like to raise awareness for and feature on a tag.  

Your box set will include:

5 animal awareness tags:

Tag #1 Spay and Neuter

Tag #2 Have You Hugged An Animal Today (animals customized for your community)

Tag #3 Visit Your Local Shelter (or your shelter's logo if you prefer/are only fundraising for one shelter).

Website(s) of shelter (s) printed on back.

Tag #4 TNR (Trap Neuter Release) for Cat Colonies

Tag #5  Only Cowards Abuse Animals

Plus 1 Custom Tag

Tag #6 Custom Tag of Your choosing (you provide the clip art image). 


Nothing comes to mind? We can help.


How about including:


Map of Your Community/City/Town

Map of Your Community with favorite pastimes pictured around the perimeter

(Examples:  sports, leisure activities, etc. ).  Maximum of 6 hobbies.

Have fun with this one.  This should be a unifying image to spread strength and goodwill in your community! 


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